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Protect your Trucking Business

Trucking comes with a unique set of risks and responsibilities that can be difficult to understand and navigate. Our agents specialize in protecting businesses just like yours. We've provided the basics of insuring your business below. We are ready and waiting to talk you through your questions and get you a quote for protection that fits your particular needs, whether you are an owner operator or managing a fleet of vehicles.


Michael Erbes specializes in finding the best coverage for trucking businesses just like yours. He's waiting for your call or email. 

Understanding your Options

Budgeting your Insurance Expenses

We recognize that insurance tends to be one of the largest costs for Trucking companies. Our promise to you is to help you find coverage that protects you and your business as we strategize with you to reduce the costs. Check out the tips below for some cost reducing ideas.

Focus on Deductibles

Depending on a number of factors, you might consider higher deductibles, which usually allow for a lower premium payment. Our agents can help you balance the risks and benefits of different deductibles available.

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