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“I rent an apartment. I don’t need insurance, do I?”

Yes. Renter's Insurance offers you protection against a fire or other catastrophe, who will replace your clothing, furniture, stereo, TV, computer, and jewelry. Your landlord only insures the building you live in, not your personal belongings.

Personal Property
Your Renter's Insurance policy can help replace your personal belongings in the event of a covered loss. Common losses are due to not only fire and theft, but also  other accidents, such as a sudden discharge of a sprinkler system. Water damage can be just as destructive as fire- don’t get caught without the right insurance!

Loss of use
Your Renters Insurance policy can pay the additional costs of living in hotels, eating in restaurants, etc., when you are forced from your home due to a covered loss.

Personal Liability coverage
This coverage gives you liability protection against claims caused by almost any unintentional act, and will help pay legal expenses to defend such a claim.

Personal Articles
Let us know if you need additional coverage for your valuable articles, such as jewelry, furs or collectibles, when their value is higher than the limits stated in your policy.

Contents Replacement Cost
This option extends the coverage on your personal property to include the ACTUAL cost of repair or replacement without deduction for the depreciation.

There are, of course, policy limits, so ask us for details. 

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